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I actually do know about this former girl.

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, August 22 2020 at 03:54:12AM
In reply to Kids with daddy issues... posted by LGsouL on Friday, August 21 2020 at 3:18:50PM

That Walsh guy who considered all pedophillic people criminals by their thoughts alone did a show on it once.

I just hate it when people bring up illegal content here, because it's historically been used to single out people who are engaged in illegal activity, for the sake of targeting them.

Apparently, her dad was a cop and an actual sleazebag, more than likely a narcissist, who are sadly often drawn to such careers.

I've been told she and some others sue people arrested for cp when their former content is involved. Yes, it is total bullshit, akin to the Amish demanding money for your photographic pixels stealing their souls, but.. it is what it is. For those who've never actually engaged in anything with a child, but saved content involving a former child who has lawyered up and scans for people who were found and arrested with their videos (which the defendant silently acquired and did not pay for)... I do understand your feeling of injustice. I do not and have never condoned cp, but your silent acquiring of it (right-click, save) caused no harm to anyone else. It's not like you are telling your friends "Look at this Kylie chick... what a total whore she is!"

No. No, no, no. It's not about that at all. We can sympathize with cases where the adult was truly using and abusing them. On the other hand, they can never prove that you, dear anonymous web surfer, jacking off in private and never telling anyone.. has ANY measurable effect on their own quality of life in any way at all.

It's just bullshit that makes some people feel good, like they are making a difference. My suspicion, however, is that former girls like Kylie herself, would tell you it really doesn't mean anything at all on an emotional level, that people who don't know her, know nothing about her, and will never meet her, have to pay her money for the pixels they saved to their computer for the sake of getting themselves off before bedtime.


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