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You beat me to it, Oakowi:)

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, August 21 2020 at 03:17:02AM
In reply to NETFLIX Cuties trending posted by Oakowi on Wednesday, August 19 2020 at 11:03:29PM

And I am VERY glad. It gives me hope for GC's future.

my post:

What do we think about Netflix "Cuties", GC?

posted 8/20/20 (happy b-day, kimriss)

Do we refrain from an opinion until we actually get to see a good rip of it? Is the French version "Mignonne" some sort of better "Euro" version like for the edited "Leon"?

I'm going to wait to see the film first (though the blond with her finger hanging out of her mouth in a lolita pose will probably make me defile myself regardless of film's intended message. Not positive.)

I'm already begging the question, though.. Weren't young girls already gyrating in simulative sex on shows like Dance Moms? I wasn't paying attention enough to know how much outrage there was there, but at its worst, why would this film be any different (aside from fingers hanging out of mouths in lolita poses)?

What about Sharon (Shannon?) Miller, the twerkin' trailblazer in the western world, from what I can tell, anyway... (Shannon might have been a petite gold medal Olympic gymnast just before they outlawed slender youthful girls from the sport in order to give older, slower, thunder-thighed women a chance).

I suspect I may be personally disappointed by the actual film's titillation level after all the right wing hype, but don't get me wrong. I'm still cool with sticking it to terrible streaming content providers like Netflix:p They aren't exactly providing content that contributes to the building of a great and wonderful and cohesive society.

Just glad they offered free trials:p

Call me crazy, but I'm gonna wait until I see the film myself before pretending I have an opinion on it.


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