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How we harm the egos of Antis

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Wednesday, August 19 2020 at 7:03:00PM

Does anyone else think that when Antis come to our forums, such as GC and VOA, BC, etc, their egos and views on reality become damaged? I think we hurt them a lot, because we aren't what they think we are!

I compare it sort of to how X-tians say
"Jesus was a great leader, peaceful, and loving!"

But if you study the Bible, Jesus said in various places all over the Old Testament that horrible, violent, perverted actions are totally permissible.

We are the same.

Only we are the opposite of Jesus.

Christians are threatened when they learn the truth about Jesus, they go into denial defensive mode. Same with the Antis.

They expect to come here and read
"Let's go rape some kids now! Where and how do we kidnap, rape, and murder them?"

And when they don't see this from us, it's an even bigger threat. We are hurting and hindering the comfort in the way they perceive reality.

What they do see when they come here, is Child Lovers talking about how much they love children and want to care for them; want what's best for them. I think the Antis would much prefer to come here and read the bad stuff...

Hypocrites! Liars! And Antis are also...

Well, read above because I don't have a word on how to describe their IGNORANCE.

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