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Posted by Human on Tuesday, August 18 2020 at 5:20:14PM
In reply to "Pedophile" will be the new "N" word posted by GL_in_lyrics on Tuesday, August 18 2020 at 2:27:09PM

I had not considered this. I often saw 'pedophile' as just the technical term (abused though it is). I think 'pedo' is much more offensive than 'pedophile', like 'homo' to 'homosexual'. That being said, 'homosexual' was once used as a slur too. But you may be right in that the term is just far too tainted to ever be recovered for what it truly means now.

What I do think is definitely offensive though is 'nonce'. I think this should definitely be on the same level as the 'n' word, and it even starts with 'n'!

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