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Predicting the end of the world

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Tuesday, August 18 2020 at 00:04:48AM
In reply to Hoard it like your life depended on it. posted by Eeyore on Saturday, August 08 2020 at 10:38:42PM

Every election, every disaster, everything ever people have been predicting the end of the world, woe is Earth, everything is doomed. It's been happening since the world began.

Yet every election, every malthusian disaster, every war, humanity gets through just fine.

That being said, investing in U.S. stocks right now is probably not a good idea, valuations are at 26 times earnings with 20 times earnings being the usual considered good price. So I'm expecting about 20% dip in the stock market pretty soon at least. Maybe another 40%. Then comes the good time to invest and make bank. Cause you can scoop up all the cheap stocks after everyone panics and dumps their retirement cause they got spooked.

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