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Definitely needs evidence!

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Sunday, August 16 2020 at 7:33:48PM
In reply to Need evidence posted by walkinginthepark on Sunday, August 16 2020 at 6:38:59PM

I don't intend to post any links or evidence. Not only is this something I don't collect evidence for, I also don't research it a lot! Hypocritical? Maybe. But I frequently read things and posts from other people on other 'netty places, some of which may be fake news, and probably is. But a lot of the legit evidence is staggering and gut-wrenching. I like to stay away from a lot of this stuff because not only is it depressing, but it's also angering.

I'm not talking so much about all politicians having sex with kids. Even though there has been a lot of evidence and stories coming out recently that quite a few of them are, in fact, doing so. But I'm speaking mainly about evidence for the Illuminati. There's a lot of weird stuff that goes on, weird coincidences in history, etc.

I find it to be a matter of connecting dots. Even so, we clearly know only a fraction of the real puzzle. And what the media tells us only dilutes people even more.

But let's take 9/11/2001 as an example. When studying real evidence, it would *appear* the legit story is true, but I think something about it doesn't sit right in the stomachs of most rational people. There's a lot of stuff about that day that just doesn't add up. Perhaps none of the actual "inside job" conspiracy theories are real, but that doesn't mean an "inside job" conspiracy isn't real in some way. Who knows what happened? And there's weird, freak, coincidences about that day as well. One I'll mention - just one of many - is that Slayer's most violent, most hardcore, and anti-religious heavy metal album entitled "GOD HATES US ALL" was planned for, and released, right on that day!

I believe our entire reality is rigged and scripted. And I think there's powerful people in this world too, behind the curtain, who control everything. But they're probably pawns as well for whomever, or whatever, is simulating us.

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