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My important Question to Antis

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Sunday, August 16 2020 at 0:47:24PM

Children having sexual desires is just a fact. Many children do have these desires. It's a reality of life.

Now, it could be argued that the vast majority of these children are ones who have been previously abused in some way.

But the thing is, this is always going to happen! Human beings will always be having sex with children, and always have been! Try to stamp it out all you want, but it will still happen. Yes, feminists, even if you put all men in concentration camps! Women do it to children too!

So my question to Antis is:
What do we do with children with sexual desires, regardless of what caused their desire?

Do we just let them be lonely and oppressed?

And what if some of the said children wish to do sexual acts with adults?

This is in dire need of being addressed.

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