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So much BS

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, August 09 2020 at 11:22:50PM
In reply to Starting up already?...Early bird gets the worm posted by starlet_Luver on Sunday, August 09 2020 at 10:04:02AM

posted 8/9/20.

So much of this is total BS, and I wouldn't try to deny it otherwise. I knew somebody in person, who was one of the creators of Boy Chat. For one thing, he was highly averse to child porn. He wanted nothing at all to do with it. For another, he was not the least bit aggressive in his attraction to boys. Upon one of my in-person visits, he was worried about the local neighbor boy stealing more of his garden shed tools than thinking about how to get any sort of action from him. Some may not want to believe me, but this is the reality I encountered. It was honest and sad at the same time. There was nothing predatory about him at all. Everything I saw was him being used.

At the time of my visit, there was someone on Boychat claiming that he or someone else had just been killed in a plane crash. My older friend was devastated, despite my finding that there was no evidence of said crash. We later found people were trolling, but this didn't erase the memory of how personally this boy lover had taken it to heart. Being someone more trepadatious, I felt so bad for him, as I knew better how despicable anonymous people on the internet can be. The plane crash story wasn't true.

Anyway, at the time of my Canadian visit, he had a legal age fellow who was a drug addict who was using him for funds via guilt and fear. This young guy broke into the bathroom while I was taking a leak, intent on sucking me off. Not joking. I yelled to him that I was a girl lover, and he backed off. This is crazy, but it's not fiction. The poor elderly guy I knew was being taken advantage of so badly by young males in so many ways. Apparently, he knew some more "famous" boy lovers, but I never met any of them. When I asked him about NAMBLA, he told me that it hadn't officially existed since the 1980's, but I guess anything is possible these days.

My only regret upon his passing is that I couldn't adopt his little canine girl Sandy, who I was totally in love with. I miss them both.


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