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Sorry, the rare elements are...

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, August 08 2020 at 10:30:48PM
In reply to A very off-topic message for fun posted by griffith on Thursday, August 06 2020 at 09:00:11AM

..all in North Korea like the other rare elements. I'd be glad to try to make a deal with Kim Jong's sister leader, since he's dead and all. Wait, did I say that out loud:( Despite my kinda having the hots for her since her original appearance.. yeah yeah, in spite of all the people she probably has had tortured and killed (A minor detail. I really like her sweet plotting smile, sadly not even a joke)... well... and her bitchin' sword dance ladies, let's not forget...

Meh... what were we talking about? Oh yeah... She was clearly used when she was young and I can CHANGE her and make her whole and nurturing again! Wait, that wasn't the topic, was it:(

I can get the DPRNK mining rights! I know it. I LOVE the wonderful person I KNOW she really is INSIDE!!!

I know you're all thinking that's not real. I really do have a thing for her, and I wish I didn't:(


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