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so different

Posted by Heugnok on Monday, August 03 2020 at 07:30:46AM
In reply to Oh crap, we need a murder campaign again. posted by jd420 on Monday, August 03 2020 at 03:27:07AM

Am I the only one who doesn't understand most of jd420's posts?

"...umm, these fucking illegal immigrants have a documented history of kidnapping people far more educated and intellectually and scientifically capable than them to run a residential school crisis."

what do you mean "to run a residential school crisis"?
and what event are you referring to?

"Like the repetitive beats clause, this is cause enough to demand worldwide call for countertotalicide. Which by the way is several thousand years overdue when they chose to want more funnygames, grim trigger this shit."

What is "the repetitive beats clause", what is "countertotalicide"? what "funnygames", what "grim tigger" what the heck are you talking about? :P

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