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feminism 101

Posted by jd420 on Monday, August 03 2020 at 05:07:26AM
In reply to How are feminists different than child molesters posted by Leucosticte on Sunday, August 02 2020 at 10:33:10PM

The optimal female strategy is for each child to have a different father, giving sibling incest a greater long-term survival rate. (their laziness, on the other hand, reduces sibling incest while helping us a lot).

The "has knife, has wife" structure was originally a system of male property. Currently, however, a bunch of white people just started demanding it of an entire fucking planet at gunpoint - that's just historical fact.

Most of north-of-europe, at least its diaspora, lives as we do - a woman without man and the entire large village crashed our on their living-room floor. These are exceedingly friendly communities. Early Adopters with a criminal immigrant problem managing to maintain the requisite preconditions of child and/or womens' liberation.

Compare this to, say, a company formerly known as british petroleum. Frankly, it has not gone well.

Perhaps we could take the centrist solution that feminism almost stops at about age five or ten. Noted feminists, such as Lewis Carrol and Johnathan Ruskin, merely didn't want their friends to experience unneeded difficulties while they hung out with other people and saw them sometimes...

We might also want to consider that it is in our interest and readily within our power to end the petroleum system as a whole.


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