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most dangerous ways to school

Posted by feliz on Sunday, August 02 2020 at 11:37:40AM

have you seen the documentaries "most dangerous ways to school"? in youtube
it has to do with developing countries. there are some children who live in deserted places and they have to walk dangerous ways to go to school.
check out the one: most dangerous ways to school nicaragua.
i think there are 3 reasons why children want to go to school in these places in spite of the dangers:

1. they get free food or better food than at their homes.
2. they see their friends. these children live in deserted places with only their relatives.
3. they get to play while in school. these children have to work in their homes.
so maybe its not the education that these children crave. or maybe it is.

while watching these documentaries, i am glad that in america, you are forced to send your children to school. if children don't go to school, they have to work. I am sorry but when you are a child, work is far worse than math.


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