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I don't follow

Posted by sans on Monday, July 27 2020 at 9:24:18PM
In reply to Age of consent and good/bad sexual interactions posted by Heugnok on Tuesday, July 21 2020 at 8:34:41PM

>>Age Of Consent (AOC) exists in order to prevent bad sexual interactions.

Since when? And this is the justification stated by whom?

>>So after introducing AOC there are some good interactions which would have occurred but have been blocked by AOC, some bad interactions which would have occurred but have been blocked by AOC, some good interactions which occurred despite AOC, and some bad interactions which occurred despite AOC.

Some bad interactions that have been blocked by AOC - I'd like to see some hard evidence of that. And you haven't even defined "good" or "bad," but ignoring that, e.g. if we define rape as "bad," I doubt that type of person would be much deterred by AOC legislation.

>>In terms of measuring AOC effectivity, perhaps there are pre-post numbers available which show that bad interactions went down after introducing AOC. But then there are also many good interactions which are turned bad due to the AOC's criminalizing effect regardless of whether the younger one wanted and enjoyed it, so the real test would be to see the ratios between the numbers of bad interactions blocked, and good interactions blocked/criminalized.

Yeah, data would be good. Though in reading the entire post I still see no justification for an AOC. Bad things happen sometimes, so make everything illegal? Why not just define what "bad" is and then make legislation that criminalizes the "bad."

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