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Hey EthanEdwards, let's do an experiment

Posted by Leucosticte on Monday, July 27 2020 at 3:23:37PM

With the government's permission, let's show some child porn to 100 kindergarten boys, where there are various little kids enjoying sexual pleasures with cute teachers like Mary Kay Letourneau, and maybe some nice music playing in the background. Do this in a non-judgmental atmosphere where there aren't any parents or others around who would say that anything that's happening on the screen is wrong, bad, harmful, etc.

Then give them tokens and say, "Okay, you can either spend these tokens on getting sexual favors from this hot teacher, like what you saw in the videos; or you can get candy, or toys" and see which they choose, in what amounts.

Then, when they don't have any more tokens, see if they object to not getting to hang out with that teacher and get any more sexual favors from her. Especially if they have to see that teacher at school every day.

Antis admit that when kids watch child porn, and do sexual stuff with adults, they start to become fascinated with sex, and touch themselves more, etc. Why are they doing that, unless they've found something they like and want more of it?

Advertisers know, desires can be manipulated by presenting something in a positive or negative light. A woman, or a sandwich, or a behavior (like smoking, or going on a vacation), can be shown from a certain angle, and in a context, that will make it seem desirable or undesirable, depending on what the agenda of the advertiser is.

The antis know this, so they've strictly regulated what kind of propaganda and sexual stimulus materials kids are allowed to be exposed to. Virginia law, though, says that it's okay for those with the proper qualifications to possess CP for research purposes, though, so might as well do this, for science!

Till then, I don't really see how we can draw a lot of conclusions from kids' not raising objections to not being allowed to have sex with adults. Like anyone else, they tend to not want to say stuff that they could be teased for, or that would attract disapproval or scrutiny; and sex tends to be a topic that can invite that kind of response when kids raise it. Plus, what's kept out of sight of kids, they may just not think about much. Sometimes they're told, in response to their questions, "I'll tell you when you're older"; they may wonder why they can't have a peek at the forbidden knowledge till then, but don't really have much choice but to drop the issue.

• ( https link ) ยง 18.2-374.1:1. Possession, reproduction, distribution, solicitation, and facilitation of child pornography; penalty.

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