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VP's membership criteria

Posted by EthanEdwards on Sunday, July 26 2020 at 7:43:27PM
In reply to Hi Ethan! posted by Hajduk on Sunday, July 26 2020 at 1:03:43PM

I don't know what your current views are. Perhaps you are joking, but for the benefit of anyone considering it, the criteria for joining VP as an active member are:

Commitment to no sexual activity with children ever, or if you have in the past you must feel it was a serious mistake (and not just because you got caught).

Typically a belief that adult/child sex is wrong and not just because of laws and societal attitudes. However, those who are "humble/laid back" on the question can join. Doubts on the issue are OK, but not passionate commitment to legalization. This applies to your beliefs. Of course we don't know anyone's private beliefs, but if YOU say you are the same person as someone who posts such views on other boards, then you wouldn't qualify.

Pedophiles are welcome to join as observers even if they do not meet these criteria (we have nothing to hide), but we ask that they do not post.

VP is not the same kind of place as GirlChat. We do have a few more restrictions on what people can post (we just instituted a ban on controversial political topics, including Donald Trump).

People with pro-contact or pro-legalization opinions are most welcome to form a parallel board which is closed to those who are against legalization.

If you're interested in joining, write to, or use the "Contact" button at our website

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