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don't worry about it.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, July 23 2020 at 03:50:41AM
In reply to Actually posted by Caretaker on Thursday, July 16 2020 at 6:03:00PM

We get along great on a personal level, and I would vehemently defend you wherever trust issues were raised. It's still frustrating to see this place in suspended animation for so many years and with loads of long dead links and features that haven't worked in a long time, while boy related places under the same official helm seem to get frequent facelifts and attention. Yours is a thankless job for sure, and I know you give of yourself just to keep it around. I appreciate that about you and I hope others do as well.

I've had some personal health issues coincide with the whole covid fiasco. I am much better lately, but not always as sharp and careful as I used to be. In a way, I think I earned that right to have made posts once upon a time that were more affable and thoughtful and pleading the case for girl love, and to now just be the crabby old poster in the background who is sometimes right, and other times is just having a cynical pissy day.

I already took responsibility for the video version I posted. I just remember contemplating which titled version to post, and I went with one over the other, and probably forgot my reasoning for it.

I am sorry anyone at all put in "hours" on account of my bitching, but the CNN post was a very honest and sober beef, after having noted several times before that a few of my posts were reappearing with newer dates and with no explanation as to why.

Messy times. Messy me. We'll all get through it. I've not been speaking directly with anyone lately. I'll see if I can get myself out of that belligerent funk mindset. I'm living somewhere that's losing its mind lately, and it's not always easy to extract myself from the pent up rage I feel toward it.

Anyway, it'll be uplifting to see any changes in the site at all, as well as expansion on the hint that the donation aspect will become less of a black hole, and more of an efficient and thankful response (a more positive experience for people who generously chose to give without being required to give.) I don't "hate" anyone here. I don't really hate anyone on the internet. In the end, nothing on the internet is real anyway. Especially girls.

Sorry for my abrasiveness. Politics and world events have a bigger effect on me than they would if I had a LGF to help me unplug more often.


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