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Oliver Stone? Go Rogan. Woot.

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, July 22 2020 at 04:08:10AM

Not even a pedo angle here. Seriously.

Fascinating dude. Loved his eye-opener (for me, at least) on Ukraine. All the crap the corrupt established American Dem/Rep deep-state were knee-deep into, and which old Joe personally has on his greasy corrupt resume, though granted, he may not remember it by now.

I'm firstly a pro-pre-corrupt-gravy-train-elite American, but playing Roulette directly on Russia's borders never lends itself to peace and harmony, does it. It never grows apple trees or honey bees, nor does it buy the world a Coke (and lo' how they struggle as a company in the days of Covid-20/20). It does result in things like the locally welcomed taking of Crimea, however. "Annexation" they say, but with 95% Crimean citizen approval. Ouch. That was a hella expensive loaf of free bread.

SO much world peace potential for the globe, if only US and RU relations were not consistently *boobytrapped* by NWO global domination freaks. The sincerity to work together with agree-to-disagree-ments is there on both sides, but any such handshakes are not "PERMITTED" to exist.

Also, a huge fan of Stone's Untold History of the United States. It moves a little too fast (IMO) throwing out historical facts that are hard for many to digest with enough time and coverage, but it's still very educational and informative.

Central America sidebar... shout-out to Humanist, my old idol, whoever you were. And you were somebody, though I didn't know it when we were still in contact. Bernie might know you? Anyway, miss you terribly, whomever you were.

Brave man, this Ollie-var. If you think I matter in any way at all, just go check out his work.


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