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Have you noticed, we don't hear much from people

Posted by Leucosticte on Tuesday, July 21 2020 at 10:23:01PM

who have been through the system of being raided, questioned, arrested, convicted, sentenced, incarcerated, put on probation, etc. for sex offenses?

I think it's because these days, a lot of them are on lifetime supervised release, with strict conditions requiring sex offender treatment and computer monitoring. They probably aren't supposed to be hanging out with pedos on the Internet.

But, we miss out on hearing their stories, because they're probably busy trying to make every effort to seem to the court and the others in charge of them like they've reformed and don't need even more stringent restrictions.

If we could hear how badly they're being fucked over, it might provide some inspiration and intellectual ammunition to use in the fight for freedom. But, they've been fucked over so badly that we're not even allowed to hear from them.

• ( https link ) Extralegal Factors and the Imposition of Lifetime Supervised Release for Child Pornography Offenders

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