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my adult female friends in facebook

Posted by feliz on Monday, July 20 2020 at 02:33:36AM

so i live in america but i got family in my native country, that is, Honduras. i got an aunt and cousin living there.
so you know how facebooks works, sometimes the app sends you friend suggestions.
i have received friend suggestions from women who are neighbors of my aunt.
I sent them friend request to them.
some women have accepted my request and we are friend.

but here is the interesting part

these women are only neighbors of my aunt and cousin. they don't know me personally. we have never met. they only know that i am relative of their neighbor, which is my aunt.
I live in america and they live in honduras.
so the first thing I ask them is if they have families. if they have children, if they answer that they have males, i stop messaging them but when the say they have female children, well we continue chatting.
so after some time I ask for the names of their daughter and their age etc. and they give that info.
not only that but 3 women send me LEGAL an normal pictures of their daughters because i ask them for the pictures. i also send them pictures of myself.
let me clarify here that there is nothing illegal exchanging normal pictures in facebook.
but the strange thing is that these women don't know me personally at all. i am not relative of them. i am just the neighbor of their friend, that is, my aunt. they know that i live in america.
and yet they even let me talk of the girls in whasapp, a perfectly unknown adult male.
my facebook is full of pictures of me around a lot little girls and I tell them that am not married.
there is a woman who saw the pictures in my facebook and told me that it seems that i like little girls a lot and then told she would like to make little girls with me.
everytime i call this woman what she does is give the cellular to her 9yo daughter so that we can chat. she knows that every time i call her is not because i want to talk to her but to her daughter. According to this woman, I am the uncle of her daughter.
so i am adult male with lost of pictures of me and little girls and have never been married. they just don't get it.
the common thing that these women have is that they don't have husbands. they are single parents.
there was even another woman who was beaten by her alcoholic boyfriend and then she sent a message in whasapp telling that she wanted me, a perfect unknowm male, to take care of her two underage daughters.
well i can't because i live in america and she lives in honduras.

ok you may think i am predator but i don't think so because the women themselves have allowed me to be friend with their daughter.
i don't have a single unknown underage girl as a friend. just relatives and these women.

so i find these to be very strange. for me it has to do with 3 factors:
1. the honduran culture. i'll talk about it in future posts.
2. they are single-parents.
3. facebook is brand new thing for these women.

one final thing, I know that these women are not policemen or vigilantist because my aunt and cousin have confirmed that these women and their daughter are their neighbors; they are real.

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