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I'm starting to question my white supremacy

Posted by Leucosticte on Monday, July 20 2020 at 00:39:17AM

What other race besides whites has such draconian age of consent laws? I don't see Asians having such laws, for instance. They are usually more open-minded about such matters; for example, the popularity of lolicon reveals that Asian culture is a lot more accepting of the idea that men would like younger girls. Middle-aged Japanese men also are apparently unashamed to go to concerts by bands with young girls, such as AKB48.

As for Latinos, they have a pretty low age of consent and are pretty accepting of father-daughter incest in places like Guatemala. When they come to America, the police often give up on trying to prosecute statutory rape in their communities because they know the families are sympathetic to the idea of an older man having sex with their young daughter, as long as he's going to be financially supportive of her.

Blacks also have usually not been too concerned about men having sex with young girls; I think it's more accepted in their culture as normal male sexual behavior.

It seems to be only whites who get caught up in all this prudery. It's kind of like how whites are the most feminist (although not the ones with the lowest fertility rates; those countries would be Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, etc.)

Amazing how a race that produced so much good science and technology could fall so astray in other areas and be so bent on self-destruction. We would even adopt child pornography laws that disproportionately target our own kind.

Some would blame it all on the long nose tribe, but it was whites' responsibility not to let themselves be deceived or manipulated.

It seems hard for a white pedophile to not be self-hating in one way or another; either toward his pedophilia or toward his race.

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