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Porous distinction between women and teen girls

Posted by Leucosticte on Sunday, July 19 2020 at 6:02:01PM

Tim Squirrell writes:
Once you've accepted that women are fundamentally corrupt creatures who are barely deserving of human status - calling them femoids, or foids, or voids, or just v because that's all they are to you - it's a very small step to arguing that they deserve to be raped. From there, the distinction between an adult woman and a teenage girl becomes porous: incels subscribe to an ideology inspired by evolutionary psychology which (among other things) says that young women are the most fertile and desirable. It's only natural that men desire them. And "hebephilia" (attraction to pubescent girls) is only really a short hop from paedophilia - you're already on the wrong side of the law, and women are inherently evil (All Women Are Like That), and the world has treated you so badly and has no meaning, so why should there be a blanket moral prohibition on sex with children? The gradient of dehumanisation only gets steeper as you go down, because you feel like downwards is the only direction in which you'll find either solace or revenge on a world you believe has wronged you.
He has a point. If the goal is to legalize pedophilic behavior, which is the more likely way to get a constituency -- by harnessing the resentments of those who now want to go down the gradient of dehumanization, or to appeal to those who want to go up the gradient of romantically idealized non-domineering girllove?

• ( https link ) The creator of pro-rape, pro-paedophilia Incelocalypse is an admitted paedophile and is running for Congress in Virginia

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