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'A man should rule a women' you make us all look

Posted by redcocoa101 on Wednesday, July 15 2020 at 8:48:07PM
In reply to Thought experiment on the ethics of rape posted by Leucosticte on Sunday, July 12 2020 at 07:28:56AM

We're trying to bridge the gap that calls us a bunch of uncontrollable child molesters and you say you should own women? Trying to find ways to justify rape? For the sake of the family life.

More like for the sake of your dick.

Get a grip with reality man.

You talk about women like property, these are people you're talking about. People who happen to have vaginas.

The little girls you claim to love become women. Do you want to hurt little girls? No? Well why hurt their mothers?

Stop trying to justify rape. Guess what we are in a civilized society. Whatever rape was needed for in the past is over. Are you living in 2020 or some backwater old fashioned bullshit. I say old fashioned but I meant caveman like.

You aren't a caveman who needs to bonk a women on the head and rape her to keep the civilization going. Sorry.

You need a reality check.

Its girl love not women rape we're for...

It just shows your character. At the end of the world will you take what you desire for your own gains or will you do whats right when no one else is looking?

We know your answer. And it makes me sad.

Love girls. Something you can all agree on!

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