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I've found women can be kinda two-faced about

Posted by Leucosticte on Wednesday, July 15 2020 at 1:51:29PM
In reply to Not at all posted by walkinginthepark on Tuesday, July 14 2020 at 1:41:16PM

their opinions. For example, you may have a conversation where she seems to totally agree with you and sympathize with the points you're making, but what happens when she gets on the phone with feels the opposite way? Does she, like a chameleon, adopt their point of view, and start saying bad stuff about pedos, when she's in an environment where that's expected?

I could understand if they would just keep quiet rather than expressing stigmatized views when they're around a hostile audience. But what I see them do is totally flip to the hostile audience's viewpoints when they're in their presence.

It's an instinctive way by which they ingratiate themselves, I guess. They are able to make themselves seem special by being that open-minded women who isn't like these other women.

An analogy I've heard is that it's kinda like a microphone. When you're the man who's with a woman, you can speak into the microphone and it'll repeat what you say. But when women are with one another, without any man present, it's like a microphone that starts to pick up feedback and loop back on itself, getting louder and shriller (in the case of women, with their grievances and politically correct views).

When you're not around, they just tend to revert back to the dominant culture, which is anti-pedo. It can seem like you're making progress in changing their views, or that they already hold based views, but this appearance can be deceptive. Even if they do somewhat intellectually sympathize with a certain viewpoint, they may also hold some contrary views in their head, or they may have those views ready to deploy in case they need to manipulate your behavior (e.g. to not engage in pedophilic behavior).

A lot of female thinking also is intended to rationalize their feelings, and so if their feelings change, their thinking could also. So, maybe this girl sympathizes with a pedo while she likes him; but what if one day she doesn't like him anymore? Then she might change her pro-pedo views.

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