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welp..BLM's history

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, July 15 2020 at 05:28:16AM

"Taps" played on a kazoo..

Its virtue signals have now been monetized by crafty high-paid product marketers:D

That's when you know the street cred is over and it's on to something else more "edgey". I know the white Portlandia mindset too well, unfortunately.

The effectiveness of BLM's nationwide hijacking of more honest local minority grassroots efforts are gonna be a bit more uphill from this point. This DNC money stream is about to reduce to a trickle. Chosen Joe, can you save them? Hey hey hey!

Not that I've ever routed for RNC either. Just sayin'. Still one coin, two sides.

I may be right behind ya at the exit door, BLM.

Wow, this popcorn is tasty. Have you ever put yeast on popcorn? Some old hippy lady turned me on to that years ago. I admit, it tastes good, at least when it's on popcorn. Takes a damn special girl to get Eeyore venturing down there. Contrary to educated guessing, it doesn't taste like strawberries, or sugar and spice. It tastes like boogers and fish:(


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