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Why do you think girls like serial killers?

Posted by Leucosticte on Sunday, July 12 2020 at 11:58:45AM
In reply to Well thats no fun posted by sadlife on Sunday, July 12 2020 at 10:37:11AM

Probably because those kind of men take whatever they want, and put themselves first. Then all the woman has to do is cater to his desires, which is what they do best.

Rape is a really popular porn category for women. Why do they like to watch it so much?

They seem to want an escape from their boring, unstimulating lives. If a guy were to decide that he'd rather let the species go extinct than do what's necessary to make it continue, she'd probably find that boring. It doesn't present a lot of possibilities.

I think some girls just don't have the guts to commit to a path that's going to be in their best interests. They need the man to take the initiative to make it happen, so they don't have to take responsibility. That's especially true of really feminine girls. Remember, even Letourneau wanted to minimize her role in what happened, even though they were found in her van?

I suspect a lot of men don't really feel like raping, but what are we going to do, when women act like nothing else turns them on very much. Just ignore them? They're probably not going to let themselves be ignored; they'll find a way to annoy or otherwise provoke us until we have to pay attention to them.

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