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Have you read the accounts of the lead-up to the

Posted by Leucosticte on Saturday, July 11 2020 at 2:42:56PM
In reply to I would call any 12/13 yo a little girl/boy posted by sans on Saturday, July 11 2020 at 1:09:10PM

She later told Larry King that she and Villi had a "really compatible sense of humor" and a similar "perspective on life."

Vili had begun his adolescent advances after making a bet with his cousin that he could "get" Mary. "I remember I used to like plan the next day, like 'What I was gonna do, what was I gonna say, what I was gonna, like, what surprise I was gonna leave on her desk,'" Fualaau later told Dateline.
Sounds like a pretty cocky guy. Ultimately, "Police came across them sitting in Letourneau's van one evening, parked near the marina, but a quick phone call to Fualaau's mother confirmed that the child was with a trusted adult."

Also, "The argument that the tween-age boy pursued her and she didn't know that what she was doing was a crime, and that they were so in love, roundly fell on deaf ears."

So yeah, he was planning out how he was going to get her to have sex with him.

Oh, here's another account:
Their paths first crossed, they remember, when Fualaau was 7 and in her second-grade class. By the time he reached sixth grade, he had matured enough in Letourneau’s preying eyes to have sex with her. She recalls an “emotional attraction” at first, then a bonding. She ignored the kid’s interest, but claims he flat-out asked her, at age 12, “Would you ever have an affair?” She found that uncomfortable, she says, but the student continued to seduce his teacher. When she looked deep in his eyes, she “felt something . . . Basically he said he was in love with me.” At the time her first marriage of 12 years was crumbling—and then late one night, “It didn’t stop with a kiss. I thought it would. But it didn’t.” Did she feel guilty about the illegal sex? Or the unique tests she gave her student, stripping off one piece of clothing for every right answer he gave? No, she loved him, and that made it all right.
Wow, that's a pretty hot story. Anyway, reading between the lines, it sounds like it's just as I assumed in my earlier post; he probably gave some innocuous reason for them to get together, and then when he made a move on her, she told herself that it was going to stop with a kiss, and you know the rest. From the woman's perspective, it's always a case of, they got together for tea, and one thing led to another, and somehow they ended up in bed.

This is always despite all the flirting and whatnot that came before. The fact that he made a bet just goes to show, he probably saw from her behavior that he had a chance, unless he was just in a habit of bragging about how he could get any chick. Maybe it was just a matter of waiting for her marriage to fall apart to the point where she'd be open to having sex with a new guy.

It just goes to show, if you have a chick, there are always these vultures hanging around waiting to grab her as soon as she's no longer yours.

• ( https link ) Teacher's Pet: Mary Kay Letourneau and the Forever Shocking Story of Her Student Affair

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