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Personal problem

Posted by sadlife on Saturday, July 11 2020 at 0:01:41PM
In reply to What r you going to do about the jealousy problem? posted by Leucosticte on Saturday, July 11 2020 at 01:48:30AM

I feel what you are saying. When I was younger, it was a problem. Now I recognize it as a fault to be avoided because it is a turn off to girls (and women). Elders need to mentor young men to let go of that jealousy. I also support children’s rights, including the right to make sexual choices. Jealousy is counter to that right.

Just because you can observe what you describe in this post as human nature does not mean it cannot be denied by thinking humans. It is wrong thinking.

But I’m not totally against arranged marriage. But, as sans says, not necessary to solve the jealousy problem.


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