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Posted by summerdays on Wednesday, July 08 2020 at 2:13:40PM
In reply to From the male perspective, why should we care posted by Leucosticte on Tuesday, July 07 2020 at 02:55:17AM

"A lot of people are getting killed or having their property destroyed because white people decided to take pity on blacks"

Um, what? I don't think turning a blind eye is a good idea. Yeah, if people stopped sticking their noses in other people's business, people would be able to get away with a lot more. But I'd rather find a way to show the world that there are positive ways of loving children, than convince them that they shouldn't care whether or not it's abuse because it's not their daughter. Do you care more about getting away with what you want, or making girls' lives better? Yeah, I have feelings for girls, and I wish I could express them more freely, but the feelings I have for girls are not selfish. I'm only happy when they're happy.


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