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Posted by sans on Tuesday, July 07 2020 at 1:17:54PM
In reply to I dont think its very easy to tell posted by sadlife on Monday, July 06 2020 at 7:29:04PM

In the real world sex *is* different from everything else, I'm not saying I agree with it - but little girls don't grow up to have bad feelings about their parents bribing them to do their homework, or brush their teeth.

About viewing, or more to the point, possession - here I think the question becomes does viewing abusive videos (without getting into another discussion about what "abuse" constitutes) lead the viewer to be more likely to commit similar abuse themselves? That's the assumption regarding CP in general, right - one of the justifications of why it's illegal while seemingly no one has ever actually tested this, and it also raises the question of whether sex is wrong anyway, which even in places where attitudes are the strongest against this, I don't believe is true. My sentiment is that even if abusive stuff is associated with abuse down the line, I don't think people should be serving prison time for simply possessing it, though to me this content is horrific and not anything that I would want to see.

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