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The nicer you are, the more you get punished

Posted by Leucosticte on Saturday, July 04 2020 at 10:31:17AM

People who distribute child porn are doing the world a favor, but they actually get punished more harshly than those who just passively receive and enjoy it without sharing.

The people who produce child porn are doing the world even more of a favor, but they get punished even more harshly.

And the ones who groom children by treating them kindly probably get treated more harshly than anyone, because the system will say, "What you did was worse than if you just brutally raped them without ever being nice to them, because the pattern of grooming showed it was premeditated, plus you gained their trust and then betrayed it."*

That's usually how the narrative goes -- the nicer you were to someone, the worse it is that you wanted anything in return, because as a man, you're supposed to just give forever, and never expect even an expression of love as a reward. You're supposed to just enable unappreciative people to take advantage of you forever, because that's what it means to be a "nice guy."

According to normies, you don't have a right to expect even a blowjob from your own daughter. What kinda fucked-up mentality is that?! That would be like if your son said, "Nah, I'm not gonna clean up the mess I made with my toys, because you were who produced me, so it's your responsibility." He has two hands; he can pick them up.

Likewise, the daughter inflamed her father's sexual desire with her cuteness, so she needs to take care of that situation she created. That's what those holes are for. Otherwise, she's just being a cocktease. Probably when she gets older, she'll become a slut and therefore have been a disappointment and liability to her dad her whole life. That hardly seems fair.

It's really the kid who's in the wrong in a lot of these situations. They were told to keep a secret, and they didn't, so right off the bat, they're being disobedient. And, not only that, they're betraying the trust of the one who trusted them to keep a secret. And a lot of times, they're also trying to cash in on the situation, by leveraging it for fame, fortune, or just petty vindictiveness over perceived slights, maybe even just wanton cruelty for its own sake.

It's really selfish of some of these kids to not want their child porn images on the Internet, because those give joy to a lot of pedophiles. They basically have the attitude of Scrooge, or the Grinch, wanting to rob people of please and happiness. The reality, though, is that feminists don't want you to know how cute little girls are, before they get ruined by schooling, a career, etc.; which makes them the ultimate killjoys.

The Bible says in three different places (Matthew 5:14–15, Mark 4:21–25 and Luke 8:16–18) that you're not supposed to hide your lamp under a bushel, but rather you should put it on a stand to give light to everyone in the house. I interpret that as a parable that commands, kids should not hide their sexiness from the world but rather should let their child porn be distributed everywhere via the Internet.

Prosecution of child porn defendants therefore offends my Christian beliefs. I know that one day the FBI agents and Assistant U.S. Attorneys will suffer the just penalty for their heathenry, because destruction awaits all who pervert justice.

* The child porn laws we have now are like if someone said, "If you eat a fish, that's a petty offense; but if you catch a fish, that's a moderate-level offense; and if you teach someone to fish, that's a grave offense; and if you actually run a fish farm, that's the worst of all." It totally inverts proper ethics and morality by making criminals out of those who help society the most.

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