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Pedophiles are more like prey than predators

Posted by Leucosticte on Saturday, July 04 2020 at 09:35:52AM

In the wild, a predator is usually something that appears harmless, maybe alluring, and then suddenly attacks its prey. It relies on stealth, deception, and ambushing. Think of some of these branch-mimicking snakes, for instance, that go after lizards, frogs and birds. Or the venus flytrap, which uses nectar to lure in insects.

What do the cops do? They pose as fellow pedophiles, or as children, online, to try to get the unwary to approach them and compromise themselves, whether by sending them child porn, or trying to arrange a meeting for pedophilic sex. Then the cops further take advantage of their victims' naivete and gullibility to get them to consent to searches, or incriminate themselves instead of lawyering up.

These girls, too, pose as weak and vulnerable. Kylie Freeman was between ages 9 and 11 when she and her dad did sexual stuff together, but she claims he was able to totally brainwash her into thinking it was all okay and normal, even though she grew up in the age of the Internet, when she could have looked up sex, incest, etc. online and found out the implications (if any) of what they were doing. Maybe she even did, but chose to dismiss it at the time.

Normally it's the predator that's more dangerous than the prey. A twig snake, for instance, has venom that can make you bleed to death; that's a heck of a lot more dangerous than anything the lizards, frogs, and birds that the twig snake eats could do to you.

Well, which is more dangerous, Kylie Freeman or her dad? All her dad ever did to her was put his dick in her mouth and ass. But she had him sent to prison for 50 years. Plus, even now, she's suing to force child porn defendants to pay her a bunch of money. To me, that seems like predatory or parasitical behavior; all these pedophiles get is a chance to look at her (kind of like how all an insect gets to do is sense the Venus flytrap's nectar), while she gets to take their resources, as they're suffering in prison, like some hapless creature being devoured by the system, slowly strangled to death as though in a python's coil.

Ken Freeman is almost like a man who raised a lion cub from birth, feeding it, clothing it, and sheltering it, until one day it decided to turn on him and maul him and a bunch of other people. Who's the real predator here?

I would say that in that case, it's his daughter who has demonstrated herself to be higher in the food chain; the apex predator as it were. She was cute while she was little, but as soon as she became grown, she sank her claws and teeth into some victims and consumed them. Yeah, maybe humans sometimes will hunt a lion and make a rug out of it, but that doesn't mean a lion can't fuck up a human pretty badly when it has the element of surprise on its side.

Ken Freeman certainly did not behave in a predatory way. He did not drive a white van near his bus stop and offer her candy and then grab her, as an archetypical "child predator" might. It could've been more of a symbiotic relationship, kind of like ants and aphids or something, and it would've been a win-win. But no, she had to go predatory.

If anything, he was more of a farmer. Do you consider yourself a predator when you eat a tomato that you grew in your garden, or pet a cat that you feed? Probably not so much, right, compared to if you were catching these creatures in the world? Especially if you don't even end up harming them?

Humans are one of the few animals out there that will actually invest in what they eat. We invest in our mates, too. To say that we're predators is just a way of making us seem less-than-human.

It's kind of contradictory that people say pedophiles "groom" their victims yet also prey upon them. What predator do you know of in the wild that grooms its prey? Grooming is what you do to a beloved child or other protege that you're preparing for some honorable role.

Most connotations of the word "groom" are positive; like you groom an animal to make it more presentable. Or if you make a lifelong commitment to a woman you become her groom.

If you're having to groom someone for something, then you're investing a lot in preparation, and probably are not going to just use them and discard them, the way a predator in the wild would eat its prey and then leave the carcass.

You know how Ken Freeman got caught? It was when he was trying to do a favor for his daughter, by building a computer for her using some parts that he had lying around. That included a hard drive that he used to store his videos of the two of them doing sexual stuff.

If he hadn't done her that favor, he wouldn't have gotten caught. His problem was, he was just too nice and helpful of a guy. It made him vulnerable to predators.

Heck, even the fact that he put those videos on the Internet was just another manifestation of how he wanted to help people, by giving them some material they'd enjoy. And he's a criminal for that? Nah, he's a benefactor and altruist.

Prison is supposed to be for the true predators, the purse-snatchers and car thieves and home invaders and so on, who actually behave like a predator by seizing their prey like an animal would. To say, "Oh, you groomed this person for victimization" is basically another way of saying, "Oh, you got this person to like you by doing nice things," which is just another way of degrading nice people and making them into the bad guy, when it was really the beneficiary of their good deeds who betrayed and turned against them.

Another thing about predators is, they're just focused on feeding themselves rather than giving anything back to their prey; that's pretty much how Kylie is, voraciously trying to take as much money as she can from these child porn defendants. Meanwhile, her dad, even after he stopped doing anything sexual with her, continued to try to help her out and be a dad to her. To me, that's not predatory behavior. It's more like the opposite of predation, to let someone just continue to feed off of what you provide, while you don't even demand anything in return.

Modern women are really just out-of-control predators, wanting to eat at their dad's table, and then be like "fuck you, dad," give him the middle finger, and go off to try to prey on some other man, and on society as a whole, by pretending to be something they're not, and demanding all these unearned privileges. The first female astronaut gets a bunch of credit just for being female, for instance. If we were going to praise women for something that they're actually good at, we might praise the mother of the first male astronaut for nurturing him, since her presence at home freed the dad to go out into the world and set a good example for her son by doing manly stuff.

But, no, every time men accomplish something, women get this kleptoparasitic gleam in their eye, where they want to try to grab glory by being the first person, born with a vagina, to accomplish the same deed, even though their "achievement" is totally derivative.

We're able to exist in the same house with a carnivorous animal, the cat, by establishing that we're in charge, and that the cat is going to get hit with a spray of water or something if it misbehaves. Gotta keep these animals in check.

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