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Hi Eeyore

Posted by starlet_Luver on Friday, July 03 2020 at 00:03:23AM
In reply to you're a high level thinker, starlet posted by Eeyore on Thursday, July 02 2020 at 7:41:54PM

As you surely know, I have always dreamed that you would come and visit VoA or the others sites I have created over the years. But even with me being a super fan of yours since the days of ASGL, I would rather you never join VoA if that means you stop posting at GirlChat.

I know you have doubts about what you are witnessing here lately with a couple of glitches but this GirlChat is the same GirlChat as it has been and likely will always be. There are people working hard behind the scenes who truly love GirlChat. They may make a mistake here or there but they are people who TRULY CARES!

You know I had wrote over 4 pages (or over 2000 words) explaining why I would be excited about you coming to VoA if you leave GirlChat. Most of the post was just the normal rambling of an "Eeyore groupie" gushing all over you as usual but as I was about to hit the post button, it occurred to me with significant pain and actual tears that GirlChat and YOU can't be separated.

Despite my 20 yrs fantasy of you joining one of forums or web sites I have created over the years, it would be a tremendous mistake to think you belong to any place other than GirlChat!


You are part of the reason why GirlChat is called "GirlChat". In all of its history and glory, you can't speak of GirlChat without referencing you and others who help GirlChat become one of the flagship forums we have in the community.

You have been here since the early days of its opening and I hope and pray that GirlChat will be one of the last things you see when you close your eyes for the "final sleep" before the new awakening.

Much Love,

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