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A good hard point

Posted by luckless on Thursday, July 02 2020 at 11:45:21AM
In reply to Everyone's a MAP so the term is meaningless posted by Leucosticte on Wednesday, July 01 2020 at 3:38:54PM

CAP - something you wear on your head at a little league game... not to be confused with 'jockstrap' - which is also something you wear on your head at a little league game.
GAP - Most of today's fit little girls has this. It is a clothing line. But yes it could also refer to the notable space between their thighs. Get your mind out of the gutter though.
JAP - because who has time to type out the word Japanese? It is not offense, im just lazy at typing.
KAP - what I am doing now kappa
RAP - A list of names of your young friends. Also: "Registered sex offender, yet still very Attractive Person.
MAP - An acronym holding the record for most definitions in the oxford dictionary, spanning across various unrelated subjects such as homomorphisms in abstract algebra, isometries in geometry, operators in analysis and representations in group theory, transference of n=np in computer science, disorder classification in psychiatry, and last but not least ... the abbreviation for "massive penis".
PAP - my dad's name.
SAPS - south african police service
TAP - Kommin.
UAP - unmanned aerial person

PS there is something referred to as 'the fappening'. As it involves adults, naturally I know very little about it, but apparently it is a collection of nude photographs of a-list celebrities. There you go AG lovers.

When I see someone beautiful,
I tend to stare.

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