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I'm impressed...

Posted by jd420 on Sunday, June 28 2020 at 9:25:59PM
In reply to Fondness for child erotica as a defense in CP case posted by Leucosticte on Sunday, June 28 2020 at 4:16:35PM

What do you think of this strategy?

Mostly that I want to see it happen, regardless of if it's successful or not, just because it's awesome. Plus a bit of the fact that there's zero reason to leave this great hero anonymous if they end up convicted.

Arguments against are that as a strict-liability, it doesn't legally matter if you can prove someone else broke in and put it there without your knowledge. Of course, this can be blown out of the water with equal protection and one person let go, so...

I rather like it. There's also several attacks at the federal level, since you mentioned circut courts. Osborne v ohio = no cash, no market, etc. But mostly, I kind of like it and would like to see it done regardless.


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