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Some thoughts

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Friday, June 19 2020 at 03:30:29AM
In reply to Girl-love vs boy-love posted by Human on Thursday, June 18 2020 at 10:44:50AM

I don't visit Boy Chat anymore, too toxic for my tastes, so I'll just post my thoughts here.

He did seem to just be genuinely questioning and wondering if how he feels about a subject is the same way another feels about a subject. That is quite human.

I am curious how he would approach someone like me and many others for that matter, that are attracted to both girls and women. There's no outgrowing there.

As for getting someone pregnant that can be avoided. It's about the relationship not vaginal sex. If that was the only hold back just make vaginal sex illegal with a young teen and easy peasy.

As for women wanting one lover for the rest of their lives and not looking for casual flings. This is just flat out wrong. I had to learn the hard way that you never look for a long term relationship with a woman at first at least. It's just a casual thing to have fun. Too many guys me included a while ago would be looking into the future on the first date. Women generally do not like that. You have to play disinterested. It takes time to fall in love and start thinking of a future. Now once in love I would agree with that. At that point women get very attached to only having a future with one man. However, studies have shown that women fall far less often in love than men. I've sure fallen in love with more women than have fallen for me.

Women like hanging out having fun, causally dating more than men do. My opinion supported by some stats I've seen. TV likes to make you think otherwise.

As for mentoring. Girls (and boys) need mentoring from both sexes. I've seen too many girls that have no male influence in their life and they generally suck for dating. Once again this is backed up by studies that show that girls without a father, or at least male role model will generally be less happy and less successful than those that do. Of course nothing is a given, just generally.

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