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LOL, the more things change, huh...

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, June 13 2020 at 03:52:43AM
In reply to Karolinska's warm reception at BoyChat posted by Caretaker on Friday, June 12 2020 at 8:10:22PM

I dunno. Personally I've always seen porn of any type as a cheap substitute for real intimacy, although our situation is different in that while other people can go off and legally find genuine love interests with real physical intimacy, we are forbidden from doing so.

I am fine admitting my own libido is a far cry from what it was when I started posting here 20 years ago. I joke and sometimes try to embody the pervy public stereotype of us, but the reality is, I was never a defender of porn, of any persuation. I always thought real intimacy with another human being, within the context of a mutually devoted relationship, was the only game in town, and I still believe that. Why waste my energy trying to defend what is a poor facsimile which only temporarily gives you a little relief from the deeper experiences you hunger for?

OTOH, I know that stuff is often the only thing that keeps some people from going out and causing real harm to others as well as themselves, which really needs to be considered.

There was a time in the earlier days of the internet when a little bit of curiosity sucked me into what I can now say was an addiction, to the point of spending all my free time and even much of my sleep time on something that really didn't provide me any lasting nor deep benefit at all. In fact, it took away a critical period of my life when for me personally, I could have been planting the seeds for a real family life, something that always appealed to me despite my intense adoration for girls.

Well, I spent those prime years avoiding many awkward person to person interactions. Why work through it when a power button provides endless distractions and strokes your secret fantasies? The internet was the big deal then. If I wasn't choking the chicken, I was flirting with girls, or looking at crazy stuff on no-rules message boards, or just reading wikipedia entries. I was young and life was long, and there seemed to be an endless amount of time to kill.

I eventually burned out on all of that stuff in my own time, but I lost a lot of prime years to it. So I'm not endorsing that Swedish guy's post, and I sure as hell know that some of these people disappoint or turn out to be crackpots or not even real. However, most of us know when something has become an addiction and is ruining our overall quality of life, because everything else starts to get ignored for the sake of appeasing it.

For those people specifically, you do kinda owe it to yourself to get brave and do what's needed to get a handle on it. There's a LOT of people with various forms of addiction(s) these days. Why wouldn't there be when culture itself is under attack, and so many dark forces are angling for exploiting and controlling the masses? It's not a surprise that it affects us mentally, emotionally, physically. Hard times. We're in them. It's normal to be feeling stressed out because of it.

Nevertheless, we owe it to ourselves to not let outside influences control us or our quality of life. Rage against it. A simple pleasure is not something that takes over your life and all your free time. If you do feel out of control, be it with porn or drugs or anything else, then do what you need to do to take back control over your own life.

That's my afternoon PSA, kiddies. Now excuse my while I grab a Yoo-Hoo out of the fridge and go watch Loony Toons. The REAL ones. The ones that were casually racist, Elmer Fudd still had a real effing gun, and the world was still on track for a better future.


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