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Excellent post Gimwinkle,

Posted by Human on Friday, June 12 2020 at 10:39:19AM
In reply to This is a great idea. But... posted by Gimwinkle on Friday, June 12 2020 at 09:08:11AM

I fail to see any reason why I should limit my appreciation of the unfathomable beauty of little angels. Society might object to my inclination, but society has a bad history of objecting to things that are harmless.

Nobody here wants to see children being harmed in any way, and I find sentiments like what this site offers to be somewhat condescending. The only help we need is for people to stop assuming 'It is a huge stigma to be attracted to minors'. Yes it will be if you insist on telling people that. It is actually very natural and we are not ill and we don't need help.

Notice how they don't explicitly refer to illegal material:

'Others find that they are getting stuck spending their time online for hours and hours, wishing they could take back control and spend their time in a way they enjoy more and value.'

There is very little in life I enjoy more than watching videos and pictures of minors smiling, laughing and playing gleefully, except seeing it in person. Before I accepted my sexuality I did indeed waste hours of my life watching pornography (legal pornography, that is). And it made me very depressed indeed. I now no longer watch that trash, ever, and would much rather spend those hours watching children enjoy themselves. It's a healthy outlet to have and beneficial to my mental well-being.

If there are people here who will genuinely benefit from what this site offers then that is great, but I can't really see it being true for most here. But I applaud anyone who wants to make a positive difference in any sphere of life, even if that difference is ultimately unhelpful. But if they explicitly refer to videos and pictures of children being hurt and raped, then that's a good goal to pursue, except it means they're assuming that we are decadent criminals who rejoice in that sort of content. I can't speak for others, but I know I'm not.

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