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Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love ya tomorrow...

Posted by Gimwinkle on Wednesday, June 10 2020 at 05:14:52AM
In reply to Please, please god dont let me wake tomorrow posted by luckless on Wednesday, June 10 2020 at 01:09:35AM

Tomorrow is just a day away.

I have never felt depression. I've been sad, but never clinically depressed. So, I cannot know it to be able to understand people how do feel it.

But, I can guess. Approximate. Use similar feelings to come close to what the feelings are. So, too, I will never fully understand it. I know that I am very lucky for this.

But, in my desire to help a friend, what I can do is share my own thoughts as I read about yours.

First, yes; you can die. In addition to some really bizarre methods, there's always the gun to the head, poison to the lips, exhaust fumes to the nose, or even a quick flight off a high bridge. Then...

See? There is nothing after the "Then..." Nothing. What do you remember from before you were born? Nothing. This is what after "Then..." is. You just don't exist. What you were using as a body will continue to exist... mostly. But they don't bury you, they bury that body. Or cremate it. Or, if in some strange jungle island, the body is eaten.

But you won't know it. You won't experience anything after that "Then..." You won't exist just like you didn't exist a hundred years ago.

So. Now what? If you're going to do it, I mean if you are really, really going to do it, nothing nor nobody can stop you. If you really, really feel that you just have to, then I hope your ending will be a pleasant one for you.

But. Do you really have to go? Isn't there any reason for you to continue being you? Right now, perhaps, you are in pain. Is it permanent pain? Cancerous? That would be understandable but, depending on which country you are in, is it legal to end your own life? (Loved ones depending on your life insurance payout? A loved one missing you?)

Many years ago, I had planned on ending my life. No, I never managed to accomplish it. So, why didn't I? First, I have natural thought processes that stopped me. My fear of crashing into the side of a mountain hit me so hard that I changed my mind at the last second. I chickened out, as they say. Then, after feeling disgusted with myself for doing so, I thought about what I COULD do. My prison experience showed me that life can be full of more good things. I could find another lover, I could go sailing like I always wanted to do, I could continue to experience pleasure (with a real little lover or with an imaginary one), I could take LSD and go on a magic mystery tour, I could eat pizza until my tummy got so big that I wouldn't be able to see my own dick.

I have never taken LSD... yet. But, it's been years since I could see my own dick. I assure you, it's still there and, even at my age, it still works.

I'm willing to bet you've figured out how you own dick works and know just how good it can feel when properly attended to either by your own means or by someone else's hearty help. There's always that "one more" time.

Finally, there's us. Look at the people here who've taken the time to try persuading you to stay on this planet with us. Please don't say nobody loves you. We do. I do. I don't know what you look like, what you sound like, what you smell like (fortunately?), but I do know some of what you think like. I like that about you.

Yes, you are loved.


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