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I am a well adjusted modern American

Posted by sadlife on Monday, June 01 2020 at 10:22:30PM

I have removed all electronics from my house, cancelled my electric service. Before that I set up a daily reoccurring pizza delivery. At least the government is kind and keeps my water and waste service active. Every couple of days I step out on the back porch, walk down the steps out to the shed where I lay the bolt cutters down on the floor and draw hips around it, wank joyously for 20 minutes and return to my pizza (requires recent GC history knowledge) . I have only one other possession, a box of matches. If the police or men in white coats show up I’m gonna torch the place, me in it. Always look on the bright side of life, do do do do.

My story contribution, sorry I didn’t run it past you first mods.


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