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Ways and Means and mean ways

Posted by Gimwinkle on Sunday, May 17 2020 at 10:52:22AM
In reply to on "cutting" posted by hieronymus on Sunday, May 17 2020 at 08:14:06AM

What does wearing clothing have to do with ensuring survival? (Other than for warmth necessities in cold weather.) Yet, we insist on our children do as we say and wear shoes, socks, pants, shirts, and hats. "It is our way."

Why must boys wear short hair yet girls wear long hair? "It is our way."

Why must my child speak English? "It is our way."

A child certainly does NOT want a Chicken Pox vaccination, why must we force such things upon him/Her? "It is our way."

Why is sex in ANY fashion forbidden from children? Even if they thoroughly understand it, it is ILLEGAL for them to share in many cases. "It is our way."

When I'm on my boat on Lake Ontario, with nobody in sight for miles, (on warm days), I don't wear clothing nor does anyone on my boat. (Unless they want to.)

Boys and girls hair lengths are MY way. If they want different, they just ask for my help or fix it themselves as they see fit.

My daughter and son-in-law are expecting their first child. Both adults are Chinese-Canadians and speak (mostly) Mandarin. Their child will speak both, Mandarin and English. It is OUR way. Later, if he or She wishes to speak Cantonese or Russian, I'll help them. Or, he or She can acquire it themselves as they see fit.

I know that Chicken Pox vaccine (and others) is a good thing to inflict upon my children in spite of what they may want or not want. It is MY way.

If my child wishes to enjoy sex of ANY fashion, I will rejoice in his or Her celebration, legal or otherwise (being careful, of course, of Mrs. Grundy.) I would not be able to help him with his because it is not MY way although I would try for his sake if he wanted it. If She wanted it, it IS my way. (Being careful, of course, of Mrs. Grundy.)

My own preference is to do the un-natural thing and have my child painlessly altered. But to see anyone undergoing a painful foreskin removal would be a horror to me. Again, this all is my OWN preference. If I see ANY animal being hurt, I would find it a horror. Even watching farm animals being painlessly killed for its body meat is a horror to me... yet I'll happily eat a hamburger. It is my way.


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