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Raggedy Ann Haiir? Whaaa???

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, May 10 2020 at 02:18:06AM

Is this a new thing with 9 and 10-year-old girls?

I have NEVER seen this literal bright red color hair before. She was incredibly hot (I almost rear-ended another car) and riding a beach cruiser bike behind her kinda fat friend. Her body was incredible. She was wearing light blue short-shorts and a skimpy tank top. She was slender and her legs... her legs! She may have been wearing flip-flops, can't really remember.

Her long-ish hair... it was BRIGHT RED and exactly the color of a raggedy ann doll. To top it off, she was wearing the same color bright red lipstick besides. She was also acting very free and goofy with her friend. It was a beautiful warm day and I was totally starstruck by this girl. Hours later she was still popping into my head. I mean, yeah yeah, the pink or crap-green white-trash hair dye has been over-done even by adult chicks-with-issues and their Tinkerbell tattoos and all that, but I have honestly never seen this stark flat bright red before. And why the lipstick? I have sooo many questions for her, preferably during a chat at the ice cream parlor. Sadly, I will likely never see Raggedy Ann with the long slender bare legs again. ..And that's sad, because in my mind she's a middle school trend-setter.

Okay, she could make her hair look more like yarn, with those tight dreadlock-looking things kinda like Bo Derrick in "10" or something, but wow, I was smitten, extremely impressed with her seemingly unique creativity.

I fear someone is now going to tell me there's some popular cringe-worthy music video lately with that sort of hair and deflate my admiration of her. Hopefully not.

I'm going to call her Raggedy Saturday and dream about her for at least a week. Love you, Saturday, whoever you are<3


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