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Linking to fiction will no longer be allowed

Posted by Lysithea on Tuesday, April 28 2020 at 2:36:43PM

This has been tolerated, but especially now as some users seem to be largely using GC for the purposes of self-promotion, this will no longer be allowed, and this will extend to both the posting of, and the linking to, fiction. As per the FAQ:

15. Can I post pictures/fiction?

NO! Do not even think about using GirlChat as a place for exchanging pictures, nor to post fictional writing...Therefore we must ban all such material...


Read the full #15 item for the reasoning and justification behind this past decision.

This decision was made in the past to ensure the safety and existence of GC. While not explicitly discussed in the FAQ, it is felt that linking to some material is not substantially safer than the posting of such material. The FAQ will be appropriately updated to reflect this point.

This ban will be enacted starting noon, GMT on Friday, May 1st, in order to allow all users proper notice.

Note the following, also from item 15 in the FAQ:

The sole exceptions are writings submitted to The GirlChat Committee for the special consideration of showcasing your work in an area set up for that purpose. If accepted your work may be edited to comply with legal requirements.

This will be maintained, as allowed by the moderator's schedules and availability.

This decision will be reviewed in the future, if GC's moderation team grows and there is interest in reviewing this decision.

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