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What language are you speaking?

Posted by DanielRumanos on Monday, April 27 2020 at 9:20:15PM
In reply to I did not know you had a lawn. posted by starlet_Luver on Monday, April 27 2020 at 8:38:58PM

Can you repeat that in English please? I don't speak trailer park.

Seriously, man, any problems between us were over so far as I was concerned. I have real life work to do. Then this neo-Nazi nutcase (whom you respect) comes here revealing that you are still slandering me on your little forum for anonymous cowards who like to blame others for the fact they can't get a girl. Not cool.

I was a successful OUT Girl-Lover for years before you came along hiding behind a laughable nickname and self-appointing yourself as lord high muckety muck of the anonymous can't get a girl community. I'll be around long after you have disappeared back into obscurity.

Want to know why I stayed aloof from the online GL community for so long? Because what I saw of it looked like satire. Why were these people hiding behind pseudonyms just to pretend to be doing what I actually have done? Just last summer, I decided to swallow my misgivings and give you a chance. I now find it even more difficult to believe that you scared little twits are anything other than a concerted attempt by antis to make actual pedophiles and hebephiles look silly.

Yes I'm an old carny, an illusionist, and a "con artist". As Sammy Davis Jr. used to say: "The chicks love it!"

There is a real world out there where real men have relationships with real girls. It is something you know you will never be a part of. You have nothing and are nothing. That's why you need surround yourself with sad, desperate sycophants.

"Nobody likes me", huh? The typical retort of a jealous loser, and a decidedly uneducated and unimaginative one at that. My readership stats show otherwise. :)

Cheers and cheerleaders!

"Daniel Rumanos"
Daniel John Moran III
(formerly Ronald L. Mershon),
Baltimore, Maryland

• ( https link ) ALICE DAY

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