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My prayer on Alice Day!

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Saturday, April 25 2020 at 8:52:13PM

In the name of Lola, the most beautiful, and Shaitan, the spiritual Sun....

O goddess princess, please intercede on Shaitan’s behalf and let our voices be heard,

O goddess princess, I ask that you make this day a good one for my friends, family, and all girl-lovers.

O goddess princess, give all little girls and children glory.

O goddess princess, do not let your heart be in pain due to the torment of the religious (such as the Muslims), and their conspiracies [such as feminism.]

O goddess princess, please let the Lord soon bring an end to the laws of conformity and religion [such as age of consent laws and circumcision rites].

Please find a way to change the hearts of my brethren; humanity!

Do NOT let your heart, nor mine, be unquenched.

O goddess princess, might Shaitan soon bring an end – to his enemies and to allah the pervert?

O goddess princess, might we be united soon, in this life or the next?!

Amiin (Amen).

May She hear the cries of men and little girls!


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