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Happy 20th, GirlChat:)

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, April 25 2020 at 04:57:45AM

Being the northeastern cynic that will follow me forever, I was absolutely sure your DNS would coincidentally crap out on the 24th.

...But here you are, you modest little flower.

You've survived scandal and vigilante justice funded by corporate mainstream media looking to make a buck off of the public's fear of the unknown. (No, I don't mean corona.)

I am honored to have contributed here during times when sane voices were so desperately needed to give the perspective of people who honestly love and adore girls despite the little addition of actually being attracted to them as well. None of us knew if what we said mattered or made a difference. All we really knew was that we HAD to say it anyway, because THE LOVE WAS REAL. It drove us, because the lies were in our faces everywhere. They made a financial killing off of us, destroying so many honest lives in the process, but today it is them who fellatiate at the feet of billionaires keeping their fake news afloat.

Well, here we still are. Times change, as do people and their various priorities and life situations. A multitude of people put in years of time and effort and got this little place to (nearly) the 20-year mark (check the intro post date by Puzzled).

Times, they have a-changed. There's a torch that's been waiting to be passed group-wise, with the hope that expressed dreams of a slightly pipe-dreamed future might actually not be impossible, and might be of some little value to the future of not just Annabelle, but for girl love generally. Those archives contain some hella big self-sacrifices by people who paid prices for telling their truth and going with their honest hearts. Loss of social stature, imprisonment, death. People bravely paid prices here to tell their truth. Some dared to live it.

Others have denied their hearts, which apparently calcify in a cruelly poetic metaphoric way, but that's for another day which will never appear here.

To all the honest newbs, this is YOUR place. You will always be discovered if you are secretly a hater, but if you are coming here with a heart mired in awkward but righteous truth (and respect for girls), you will find warmth, despite occasional disagreement.

That's what this place was made for. So invest in it, or build it to current expectations. In other words, use it or lose it (for real).

*Eeyore fades into the archives* (Ugh, FINALLY!)

Happy 20th, Annabelle:)

Love to all my current and past girl loving pals working from home like they always did.

Whoop, we got her to 20! Who gets her to 40?

In the words of Al Bundy, AH, WELL.

Good vibes to you, GC. Live on forever with love and reverence to girls (but not at the expense of being cucked)!


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