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2020.04.22 Endless years in a prison cell...

Posted by qtns2di4 on Wednesday, April 22 2020 at 01:36:21AM

Hate for hate, and ruth for ruth,
Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth,
Scorn for scorn, and smile for smile,
Love for love, and guile for guile,
War for war, and woe for woe,
Blood for blood, and blow for blow. [*]

The Noble Quran starts all of its suras but one by "In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful".

The sense of that quote, and of the second and third names of Allah being those two, is to remark God's infinite mercy and love for the whole of His Creation.

And yet...

The childish optimism of the heart and mind and soul writing this has repeatedly been bitten, bruised and burned. The scars are deep. The tissue never restores entirely. Sometimes I feel some of those wounds are starting to gangrene.

Nobody can ingest so much poison and retain healthy blood flowing through their veins.

I'm tired of reasoning. Not because I don't believe in Reason. Rather, because I'm tired of squandering Reason in those who have closed their gates to it. Pearls before swine.

As days and weeks and years go by, the more I realize that truly, good fruit will never come from any tree that isn't just as good.

God has infinite mercy. God can save the undeserving by Grace.

I don't have so much patience anymore.

You cannot ask to receive what you are not yourself giving.

That is why I refrain from any concept of universal rights.

I was recently treated to two wonderful Zucc site threads filled with anti-ism and unashamed hatred for Pedos and abject lies and falsehoods about us. (From what looks like fake names too, but hey, it isn't like lamestream sites ever want to enforce their own rules equally). Ironies just grow larger from here. I didn't stay long on either thread and probably will not (more on that soon) but one of the threads made obvious the poster was pro LGBTQWERTY, maybe one themselves, which just made the fallacies more cringeworthy and salient. Both were brought into my view because they were re shared by a college aged woman who is a huge progressive (more cultural Marxist than economic socialist) and just a few hours ago I counted as a Zucc friend (I do know her in RL) -- she just earned a lifetime block. Love and support for me, but not for thee, of course. I don't need that in my life, thanks.

Part of me wants to reply, point by point even, so bad it is. Then why would I? Best case, I get blocked, and can no longer see the threads. Worst case, I get myself reported and banned, and can no longer see other stuff I care about, controversial or not, political or not. I could burn a sock puppet to reply, but that would undermine the credibility of the argument. Yes, it is an ad hominem, but the ad hominem is powerful before weak minds. That is how pointless it is.

And coming back to the quote at the beginning, that is why after a while I stopped caring. Some people are ignorant or under informed. Others have deliberately chosen evil.

In this latter case, they reap what they sow.

Popularly known as "physical removal" or more commonly, "helicopter rides".

[*] The original quote is from Might Is Right by pseudonymous author Ragnar Redbeard, a lesser known work in Social Darwinism. It came to my attention by being quoted by White Supremacist David Lane in the song he wrote for the White Nationalist teen rock duo Prussian Blue, inspired by one of the sororal twin members, Lamb Gaede. Although not part of the song proper, lyrics by Lane and music by Lamb; it introduces the general idea behind: that in the face of being attacked, indifference is suicide.

In the intervening years, the Prussian Blue Twins have recanted White Nationalism and retired from music.

Music's loss; I regard them as genuinely talented. Even their most radical songs are evidently well done.

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