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OT: books, music, videos and video games

Posted by Feliz on Tuesday, April 21 2020 at 03:07:41AM

so in this pandemia i have to stay home. just me and my desktop computer. so all day what i do is: read books, listen to music, watch movies and play video games.
so I'll describe why I like those media. personally I don't have a favorite media. every media is different.

what i like about books is that you need the least energy to enjoy them. you just need light. you can even have books in places where phones are prohibited. my favorite format is a fat SF paperback.

i like music for 3 reasons:
1. you listen to music while doing another thing.
2. you can listen to the same song without getting bored.
3. you can listen to songs in a foreign language that you don't understand and still enjoy the music (I'm looking at you Gurinel TV)
sometimes what i like to do is to youtube and listen to the full album of a classic artist.

i like TV shows and movies because the plot is resolved in less than 2 hours. well most of them do that. i like to have english subtitles in them. i can understand english but i don't want to lose any important plot information.

i like them because they are time wasters. suppose you need to do something but you have to wait. no problem. play a game and then time will fly by.

so there is folks.what about you?
what and why kind of media you like?


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