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Lacka, lacka, lacka what?

Posted by Gimwinkle on Monday, April 20 2020 at 6:27:58PM
In reply to One problem when you get older... posted by griffith on Saturday, April 18 2020 at 5:00:01PM

lack of interest -- in anything.

For me, I've just discovered that I'm old. I mean, really old. There is a saying, though: If it don't hurt, it don't work.

Well, not me. I do have teeth problems but there's an idiotic reason for that. No back pain, no knee pain, no... what other pains are there? My eyesight has been corrected to almost 20/20. I used to have high pitched hearing but I've lost some of it. All my other senses are full speed. As for "it don't work"... not hardly. True, I can't go three times a day like I used to. But once a day or two is normal for me now. Three day stretch and I'm very anxious. My weight has... exploded? (Lack of regular exercise. Need more sex, I'd say.) I'm flirting with diabetes, high blood pressure, fought and beat cancer (YES!), and have no thyroid at all now. But I certainly have NOT lost interest in little girls.

Then, there's sailing. Marlinspike seamanship. Deep sea research (Lake Ontario is 800 feet down in some places). Flying. Photography (stills). Photography (videos). Video editing. Photograph (stills) editing. Collision analysis (car crash images and measurements). Woodworking (daughter has a baby on the way so anyone have some good baby-crib plans?) Creative writing (see me at VoA!) MUSIC!!!! (I play bass.) Watching movies (I have 7,000 on my storage drives of which 3,000 I haven't seen yet). I call my mom every day just to see how her and my sister are doing. Chinese and English translating. And... I just bought a sewing machine. Not sure how to sew properly, yet... :)

I have NO lack of interest in things. But I do know there are people out there in Society that just can't seem to find a reason to open their eyes in wonder. To stop and smell the roses. To contemplate their navels. To watch a little girl chase a puppy across the meadow.

So, I smile and say, "Here. Try this! Explosives!"


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