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How do you know?

Posted by Gimwinkle on Friday, April 17 2020 at 2:17:32PM
In reply to Exactly what I expected posted by xcolt on Thursday, April 16 2020 at 3:29:42PM

How do you define amoral? Without morals? How do you define morals? Mathematically, please. It it can't be expressed in terms of numbers, it's an opinion. And, opinions are like.... uh... yeah.

Sick? Actually, I am. I have high blood pressure, presbyopia, and hypothyroidism. Not sure how you knew that. But, yes. I am sick. I do take medication for my blood pressure and hypothyroidism. I wear glasses for my presbyopia.

Only care about what I want? Okay. Sure. Now, how is it that NOT a human trait? (Here's a bit of philosophy for you...) Everything that you do has a self-centered motivation. You. Me. Gandhi. Mother Theresa. Jesus the Christ. Mohammad the muslim. All serial killers. All bankers. All doctors and nurses. Everything you do (or anybody does) has a reason that's exclusively based on what you want (or anybody wants). Even the hypothetical god that everyone talks about had a self-centered motivation. You just have to look closely at it all. I don't know much about what Mohammad did, but Jesus the Christ purportedly died on his cross because he wanted something that he thought his god (or himself???) wanted and, to keep in good graces with his god (or himself???) he had to do what he did. Even the guy who jumps on a hand grenade to save his buddies does so because he wants people to respect him. Being dead didn't get into his calculation at the time.

Anyway, was this reply to your post what you expected? I offer you a smile and invite you to a friendship with me. (Totally selfish of me, too!)


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