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Anybody else been watching Kimmel?

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, April 17 2020 at 03:19:54AM

God Bless Corona.

Apparently, he's been holding up in some rural farmhouse estate. The decor is a little iffy for me, but wayyy more interesting has been his two little blond co-stars and the social interaction that goes on.

Jimmy used to be kiss-ass with everyone he encountered, and wow, how utterly annoying that should be for anyone with a heartbeat.

He's mellowed a bit generally. We get to see a little more real, even though he remains courteous to all.


From one person's perspective... you can tell a WHOLE LOT about a man via the interactions he has with his kids, and especially with his daughters.

Alright, I don't think he's a girl lover by our definitions, but he's showing girl lovers some highly commendable traits and interactions with girls. It's fascinating when you see someone else doing everything that feels right to you.

It is so funny to see how confident they are around him. It is wonderful to see him willingly take a bit of backstage to them. It is fulfilling to see them smother him with adoration 20% of the time, while letting him "die" in comedic delivery when others would be laughing hard. "Rough crowd," I find myself saying to the tv with a slightly approving smirk. They are surely directed a little bit, but a lot of the interactions are wonderfully off the cuff. I am saying all of this even though I am not particularly enamored by either of them. They are both very cute and have some awareness going on. I am not saying any of it out of any attraction, other than to watching them all interact.

I've got a new take on this Jimmy fellow. I think it came from joining the tube slide with his daughters. He lives this life, on some small level. Take his adoring daughters away and he'd melt into nothingness. That's what I see. A man who relies at least in part, on two wonderful young daughters who sniff him out on their instinct alone.

Eeyore will be sad when he returns to regular studio stuff:/


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